Nomination Process for APPCU 2024

Who Can Submit A Nomination?

Any individual or organization, both public and private, in the Philippines or overseas that agrees to the objective of APPCU can submit a nomination for APPCU 2024.

Who is Eligible for Nomination?

All nominees must be Filipino citizens. Those who are eligible for the award are prospective nominees who have contributed and committed themselves to the advancement of Philippines-China bilateral relations, mutual understanding, and friendship, using their fields of disciplines and areas of expertise in media and journalism, public service, humanitarian and social actions, commerce and trade, arts and culture, people-to-people relations, the academe, information and communication technology (ICT), science, health, and medicines.

What are the General Criteria for Nominations?

The following are the general criteria for nominations:

1. Media and Journalism: A Filipino media personality who has contributed to…

  • Clarify and share knowledge and information on crucial issues related to Philippines-China bilateral relations.
  • Impartial and honest reporting on sensitive matters concerning Philippines-China bilateral relations.
  • Report on the positive features of Philippines-China bilateral relations and friendship.
  • Promote media exchanges and similar activities between the two countries, the Philippines and China.

2. Sisterhood Cities & Provinces (Public Service): A Filipino government official who has contributed to…

  • Successful delivery of Philippines-China agreed projects/programs or services at the national and community level.
  • Reach and establish effective partnerships and relations with Chinese local government units and officials.
  • Facilitate and maintain close high-level communication through bilateral visits, phone calls, exchange of letters, and side meetings in multilateral fora, to strengthen Philippines-China mutual understanding, friendship, and bilateral relations.
  • Initiate and institute timely communication on major regional and international issues and promote sharing of experience in national and local governance concerning Philippines- China bilateral relations.

3. Humanitarian and Social Actions: A Filipino socio-civic advocate/leader who has contributed to humanitarian work together with Filipino-Chinese and Chinese-based socio-civic and humanitarian organizations or agencies, demonstrating innovative solutions to people and areas that need special assistance.

4. Commerce & Trade: A Filipino businessman/leader who has contributed to…

  • Create or facilitate products, goods, and services that promote cooperation between the Philippines and China.
  • Promote more vigorous bilateral trade deals and commercial transactions between the Philippines and China.
  • Promote business and trade tourism in both countries, the Philippines and China.
  • Promote bilateral trade and economic cooperation between the Philippines and China.

5. Arts and Culture: A Filipino artist who has contributed to…

  • Strengthen and build further Philippine-China relations with enriched artistic expression or style through various art forms. The arts can be in music, drama, dance, visual arts, etc., that promote, reflect, and represent Philippines-China shared customs and values as Asian societies.
  • Build a sense of cooperation between the Philippines and China through the content and form of artworks.

6. People to People Relations: A Filipino who has contributed to…

  • Organize people-to-people collaborative activities that strengthen and promote Filipino-Chinese relations.
  • Organize outreach activities that strengthen Filipino-Chinese friendship and understanding.
  • Extend time and energy to organize or promote Philippine-China events, visits, and other cultural and people-to-people exchange activities.
  • Promote sports, languages, and cultural exchanges between Filipinos and Chinese, which foster deeper understanding among Filipinos and Chinese.
  • Promote cultural events and initiatives highlighting Filipino and Chinese food, traditional music, and folk dance, strengthening people-to-people ties between Filipinos and Chinese.
  • Encourage Filipinos and Chinese to travel to each other’s country.
  • Strengthen cooperation in tourism to facilitate further people-to-people exchanges and ties between the Filipinos and Chinese.

7. Academics/Educational Institutions: A Filipino academic/intellectual who has contributed to…

  • Write and publish knowledge products (i.e., books, policy briefs, reports, etc.) on the development and progress of the Philippines-China bilateral relations to facilitate knowledge exchanges and understanding.
  • Make efforts and extend considerable time to promote better understanding between the Philippines and China through research and other academic-related work and endeavor.
  • Speak on the positive features of Philippines-China relations in academic conferences and gatherings.
  • Impartial perspective on critical and sensitive issues concerning Philippines-China bilateral relations.
  • Invite Chinese academics to the Philippines to get acquainted more with the country’s (Philippines) history, politics, foreign policy, and vice-versa.
  • Promote and recognize the importance of educational exchanges between the Philippines and China, including technical vocational education and training (TVET), and encourage relevant government agencies and educational institutions at various levels to engage in active academic cooperation and exchanges between the two countries.

8. ICT, Science, Health, and Medicines: A Filipino scientist, health, and ICT practitioner who has contributed to…

  • Promote and recognize the need to advance cooperation and collaboration in matters related to health and medicines between the Philippines and China through the continued and joint promotion and building of cooperation and exchanges, most notably in the fields of traditional medicine, human resource development for public health experts and medical practitioners/scientists, public health, information and communications technology (ICT) application in health care, and health management.
  • Promote cooperation in science and technology through exchanges of experts and scientists, sharing best practices, joint research, and collaborative organizing of seminars, symposiums, workshops, and other forms of cooperation in ICT, science, health, and medicines.
  • Promote collaborative efforts between the Philippines and China on rice research, bamboo post-harvest and processing, renewable “green” energy, traditional medicines, technology transfer, and ICT.
  • Promote the hosting of young Filipino scientists to China and vice-versa.
  • Promote and encourage cooperation in ICT between the Philippines and China.

Nomination Guidelines

The nomination shall be in writing and describe the nominee’s contribution in promoting Philippines-China friendship and understanding that merit and deserve consideration for the award.

Please use the official nomination form to submit a nomination, which can be downloaded on this website. Please refer to the menu on the left. Kindly include a comprehensive curriculum vitae of the nominee’s professional and community accomplishments, activities, and other related endeavors.

The requirements for the submission of nominations are:

  1. Accomplished APPCU 2024 nomination form.
  2. ID photo, paste it on the designated spot (refer to the nomination form).
  3. Other materials that substantiate the nominee’s eligibility and merits for the award.

These documents can be uploaded. Please refer below or submit via email at An email acknowledging the receipt and acceptance of the proposed nomination will be sent out to the nominator once the submission is complete.

The Call for Nominations is open from 11 March to 15 April 2024. The deadline for submitting nominations is 15 April 2024 at 5:00 P.M., Philippine Standard Time.

For inquiry, contact the APPCU Secretariat at

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