John Nicolo Fredrik Fernandez

Mr. John Nicolo Fredrik Fernandez, also known as “Teacher John Lucas” and “That Crazy Fun Teacher”, is a 51Talk Teacher Brand Ambassador who has been on the platform for over 3 years. He creates videos about Chinese culture and collaborates on video projects with his Chinese students. He is also very popular in China on his BILIBILI channel “卢卡斯和他的朋友们” which has thousands of followers.

John Nicolo Fredrik Fernandez took his Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts from the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in 2009. Before joining 51Talk, he held diverse positions in various companies as Visual Effects Artist for Creative Media and Film Society from 2009 to 2011, Graphics and Design Manager for Geenger Communications Inc. from 2011 to 2012, Motion Graphic Artist for AARKI from 2012 to 2013, and Videographer and Post-Production Editor for Prodigy Ace Multimedia from April 2012 to November 2013. Currently, he is the Director for JNF Studios since 2013.

He also gave workshops and lectures which include a 3-day Animation and Visual Effects Training for TEAM Pacific Corporation in 2014, a 5-day Animation and Visual Effects Training for the Global Filipino Investors in 2015, and a talk on Arts and Design Career Pathways at De La Salle Santiago Zobel School in 2016 as Resource Speaker.

His passion for teaching made him become an online sensation in China because of his cool and engaging antics while conducting lessons. He has lots of followers in his social media accounts where he shares efficient teaching strategies and techniques to aspiring teachers. He loves to incorporate and promote Chinese culture into his videos. He made videos of making Chinese food during Chinese New Year, and did some cosplay of Chinese celebrities on his social media accounts in YouTube and Facebook as “That Crazy Fun Teacher.”

John Nicolo Fredrik Fernandez has been traveling to China many times since 2019. In one of his travels, his team competed in Beijing for the SINA 5-Star Teachers Competition and clinched the 5-Star Teacher Award because of their unique and engaging teaching techniques. His warm interactions with students made him an active advocate of student-centered learning. This significant attribute of his personality is seen through his creative videos on students’ birthdays, movie dubbing shows, and tongue twisters with Chinese students.