APCU calls for more people-to-people exchanges for peaceful ties in Asia

The Association for Philippines-China Understanding (APCU) calls for more people-to-people exchange to bolster friendly ties among countries in Asia.

APCU Chairman Raul Lambino made the call during the visit of a delegation from Leshan City in Sichuan Province in China.

He said people-to-people relations are part of the pillars for stronger diplomatic relations among nations.

Personally escorting the visitors in their tour in Metro Manila, Pangasinan and Subic Freeport April 24-26, Lambino said the Chinese were impressed by the friendliness of the Filipino people.

They also admired the care for the environment noting the many green spaces in areas they visited, he added.

Lambino said the Leshan City delegation were here to establish cultural, educational and business ties in spite of heightened Sinophobia prevailing in the country.

That is the correct attitude, Lambino noted, setting aside the noise and continuing with the more vital factor of firming up our friendly relations.

He said from here the Leshan City delegation will visit Thailand.

He said APCU is at the forefront of building bridges of friendship and cooperation between the two countries as well as among members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN.

He said APCU will send next month a delegation to the China-ASEAN Young Leaders Exchange Festival in Nanning, Guangxi Autonomous Region.

He said this annual event highlights China’s and ASEAN’s common commitment in developing friendship and cooperation in the region not only among young people but every facet of society.

Lambino said APCU is also involved in forging ties among schools, between local governments, chambers of commerce and cultural and civic organizations.

On June 7, APCU will hold the ceremonies of the 2024 Awards for Promoting Philippines-China Understanding (APPCU), recognizing outstanding Filipinos helping build friendship between the two countries.