APCU Chairman Raul Lambino Statement on rising Sinophobia and tensions over the South China Sea

The Association for Philippines-China Understanding (APCU) calls for strengthening people-to-people ties in the face of heightened Sinophobia and tensions over the South China Sea.

When state-to-state and government-to-government relations turn sour, our best hope for easing tensions and path to resolving differences is through people-to-people dialogue.

It is an important pillar in relations among nations because ultimately it will be the people who will be affected by what states and government do in its relations with other nations.

APCU also expresses its concern on increasing racism and Sinophobia in the country. It is baseless and totally unfair to label well-meaning Filipinos as “pro-China” or “pro-Chinese” or even “spies of China.”

APCU and its members and many other Tsinoy organizations are neither pro-China or against any other nations. APCU is clearly pro-Filipino and working for the best interest of the country.

APCU has been active for the past five decades in promoting understanding, building friendship and fostering cooperation between the peoples of the Philippines and China. These have brought many benefits to our country and people.

Started in the early 1970s, APCU was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on February 26, 1974. It is the officially recognized friendship association between the Philippines and China.

One of its projects, the Awards for Promoting Philippines-China Understanding (APPCU) recognizes Filipinos with outstanding work or exemplary efforts in promoting friendship between the countries.

APPCU laureates include former government officials, diplomats, businessmen, civic leaders, academicians and media personalities.

APCU is also involved in cultural exchange, educational tie ups, sisterhood programs and promoting trade, investments and tourism which are all beneficial to the country.